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How does Change Proud work?

Change Proud is an on-demand change management training and resources platform suitable for individuals and teams. It covers the entire change management discipline through bitesize learning modules, each with an accompanying explainer video and downloadable templates.

Module 1

Programme Introduction

How to use the training packs
& explainer videos

Module 2

What is change management?

Change management theory; the importance of managing change; critical success factors for change management strategies.

Module 3

Creating the vision for change

Programme vision; leadership alignment; case for change; change strategy & plan; change governance & team roles

Module 4

Assessing the impact of change

Stakeholder assessment; change impact assessment; change readiness assessment

Module 5

Transforming behaviour (change lever 1)

Communications & engagement planning; the change journey; user journeys & personas

Module 6

Transforming behaviour (change lever 2)

Training strategy & approach; supporting adoption; evaluation of training

Module 7

Transforming behaviour (change levers 3 & 4)

Leadership role modelling & Change Ambassadors

Module 8

Sustaining performance

Measuring the effectiveness of change; embedding transformational change; building organisational change capability

Editable & Easy!
  • Download and edit according to your needs
  • Discover the most common deliverables needed when managing change
  • Avoid wasting time creating things from scratch   
  • Get going quickly

Change Proud Templates

  • High-level Change Plan
  • Change Strategy Template
  • Stakeholder Assessment Table
  • Stakeholder Assessment Map
  • High-Level Change Impact Assessment Table
  • Detailed Change Impact Assessment Spreadsheet
  • Change Readiness Assessment Spreadsheet
  • Communications Plan
  • Training Needs Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Training Plan Spreadsheet
Online Training for Change Management

Why Choose Our Change Management Company Training?

While many learn the theory of organisational change management, few understand how to apply the management process practically to real business challenges. This is the difference our change management training makes. The content is based on Victoria Proud’s 20 years of management consulting experience. Victoria has delivered change successfully for the likes of HSBC, Barclays, Npower, John Lewis and many more. She gained this experience during her time with Deloitte Consulting, one of the world’s largest transformation and change management organisations.


If you or your team struggle to operate efficiently when managing business change, you need help from someone who’s been there and done it before with many types of organisations. You need to know the methods and tools that work because they’ve been tried and tested successfully. Change Proud makes this world-leading and effective change management expertise accessible through practical, step-by-step guidance that any organisation or individual can apply.

Change management is an essential skill for any business

Now more than ever, businesses are going through change. The pandemic forced significant restructuring, accelerated the implementation of new technology and necessitated fundamental cultural and operating model changes to adapt to new ways of working. In an ever-evolving world, change is the only constant. Change management is a skill that is in high demand and is an essential capability for any professional.

Online Change Management Training
Pricing options for individuals and teams from £395

Change Proud will help you:

  • Create an inspiring vision of the future and a clear strategy for achieving it.
  • Assess and manage the impact of change by positively engaging your people.
  • Transform behaviour by implementing supportive learning and development.
  • Measure progress and build on your successes to sustain performance.

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