Change Management Training Pricing

Use Change Proud as a quick reference guide,instantly finding the templates you need, or work through it module-by-module to give you specialist confidence when it comes to implementing change. A one off payment that guarantees lifetime access.









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Change Proud will help you:

Create an inspiring vision of the future and a clear strategy for achieving it

Transform behaviour by implementing supportive learning and development

Assess and manage the impact of change by positively engaging your people

Measure progress and build on your successes to sustain performance

Why Choose Our Online Course?

Our online training course offers you and your team a full range of benefits and opportunities, from management skills to confidence leading the business through change. As part of your investment in change management, you will receive the following:

High-Level Change Plan

An actionable plan and template that allows you to manage and understand change within your workplace.

Change Strategy Template

A powerful resource to allow you to outline your strategy for change and the information you need to accomplish it.

Stakeholder Assessment Table

Covering all the key elements you need to consider when understanding stakeholder needs.

Stakeholder Assessment Map

The stakeholder assessment map is a useful asset that provides a visual representation of how change could affect your stakeholders.

High-Level Change Impact Assessment Table

The high-level change impact assessment table outlines how change will impact different areas of an organisation; for example skills, knowledge and culture.

Detailed Change Impact Assessment Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet allows you to lay out the level of impact from change visually. From finances to marketing, the assessment tool helps plan and strategise.

Change Readiness Assessment Spreadsheet

The change readiness assessment tool provides analysis of the level of change taking place within an organisation. It also provides insight into the necessary adjustments required.

Communications Plan

The communications plan template can be used to strategise how to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders.

Training Needs Analysis Spreadsheet

A powerful tool helping you outline the steps and process required to develop new skills and capabilities when adopting change.

Training Plan Spreadsheet

The training plan spreadsheet gives you the resources to create and implement an easy-to-follow training plan.

Takeaways From Our Change Management Training

As well as the wide variety of templates and resources provided through Change Proud, you will also receive a range of benefits. These will not only improve change within your organisation and provide employee development, but also build business performance.

Change Management Certificate Of Capability

As part of your investment in change management, you will also receive a certificate of achievement to demonstrate completion of the training.

Inspiring Vision For Change

Create an inspiring vision and a clear strategy for achieving it. Using the information and resources provided, you can lay out a plan for the future.

Assess and Manage

Assess and manage the impact of change by positively engaging your people. Using the lessons taught throughout the course you will better understand how to assess and manage change.

Learn and Develop

Transform behaviour by implementing supportive learning and development. Employee development is crucial to the success of an organisation; Change Proud allows you to expand skills and knowledge.

Performance Improvement

Measure progress and build on your successes to sustain performance. Our tools and resources provide you with the ability to measure and improve individual and team performance.

Change Management