Hello, we have a solution for you!

If your business needs your own change management training programme and methodology, either for employee development, or to elevate your market offering to clients, we have a solution that will work: You can purchase the entire suite of Change Proud learning modules and resources, white labelled or re-branded to make your own.


Yes! We mean you can have the entire programme to edit, tailor and rebrand as you see fit

What you’ll receive:

The core programme training packs for all 8 modules in editable ppt format for unlimited use.

The core programme training videos for all 8 modules for unlimited use.

All programme templates in editable formats for unlimited use.

The programme’s assessment questions and answers for unlimited use.

You can choose to have everything white-labelled for you to rebrand yourself, or we can do this for you!


Your own change management training and development programme ready to use with employees, plus the ability to amend, shape, or tailor the content as you wish to suit your needs with unlimited use.

Significant savings in both time and money….imagine having to create all of this from scratch yourself!

A market-winning methodology which you can use with your clients (if applicable).


Our wholesale pricing depends on the size of your organisation and how you intend to you use the programme’s content. Please complete the form via the button below for a quick quote, after which we’ll arrange a call to discuss your needs:

Does your consultancy have a market-winning change methodology?

If you’re a consultancy focused on business transformation of any kind, having a market-winning approach to managing business change is non-negotiable. With complete access to the programme content, you can:

Expand your client offering and your ability to win large-scale transformation work.

Upskill your team to sell, scope and deliver bigger and better projects.

Deliver increased value to your clients through helping them embed change as a key driver of  growth.