Change Management Online Training Programme Demo

We have the change management training programme and support for you. Find out more about the Change Proud training platform.

How does Change Proud work?

Change Proud is an on-demand change management training and resources platform suitable for individuals and teams. It covers the entire change management discipline through bitesize learning modules, each with an accompanying explainer video and downloadable templates.

Module 1

Programme Introduction

How to use the training packs
& explainer videos

Module 2

What is change management?

Change management theory; the importance of managing change; critical success factors for change management strategies.

Module 3

Creating the vision for change

Programme vision; leadership alignment; case for change; change strategy & plan; change governance & team roles

Module 4

Assessing the impact of change

Stakeholder assessment; change impact assessment; change readiness assessment

Module 5

Transforming behaviour (change lever 1)

Communications & engagement planning; the change journey; user journeys & personas

Module 6

Transforming behaviour (change lever 2)

Training strategy & approach; supporting adoption; evaluation of training

Module 7

Transforming behaviour (change levers 3 & 4)

Leadership role modelling & Change Ambassadors

Module 8

Sustaining performance

Measuring the effectiveness of change; embedding transformational change; building organisational change capability

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