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The assessment consists of 10 multiple choice questions. You must achieve 80% in order to pass (8/10 questions must be answered correctly). You can retake the test as many times as you need. Once you pass, you will automatically receive your certificate of completion.

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Which is the most commonly used training evaluation model? Choose 1 answer.

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Select all the elements that should be considered when creating an effective communications plan. Select all that apply.

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What are the key benefits of using Personas or User Journeys? Select all that apply.

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What role should Change Ambassadors play? Select all that apply.

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Which of the below best describes a stakeholder? Choose 1 answer.

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Which of the following correctly describes the steps involved in stakeholder assessment? Choose 1 answer.

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Which sentence best describes the purpose of a Change Impact Assessment. Choose 1 answer.

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What is a TNA? Choose 1 answer.

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Which description best articulates the purpose of a Change Readiness Assessment? Choose 1 answer.

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Which of the below are common change management methodologies? Select all that apply:

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